Locate Items for Dementia & Alzheimer's

Our lost item locator devices can be great gifts for anyone but are especially helpful in the home of someone who has dementia.

If you have cared for someone with impaired memory you will remember many occasions where you've had to turn the house upside down to look for keys, wallets, remote controls, handbags, glasses cases, and various other personal belongings.

Moderate dementia may cause belongings to end up in completely unexpected places, such as a wallet in the kitchen cupboard with the cereal. These item locators & reminders will allow lost items to be found, hassle-free.

To compliment our lost item locator devices we also supply talking products for dementia because we know speech is sometimes easier for those with cognitive loss, pill dispensers and our fantastic collection of reminiscence products for dementia & Alzheimer's.

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Reminders for people with dementia

Memory loss can be difficult for someone living with cognitive impairment, our reminders for people with dementia aim to promote independent living.

Our reminders range from Orientation Boards to motion sensored devices such as the Timed Wander Reminder, and even simple labels such as our Sticky Labels for Drawers & Cupboards.

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