Kitchen Products & Equipment For Dementia

The simple act of eating & drinking can become complicated for an individual with cognitive loss. Difficulties can range from problems adhering to an eating routine due to forgetfulness to the complete inability for an individual to cook/eat themselves.

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The kitchen can become a confusing room for a person living at home with cognitive loss, and kitchen products for dementia can help increase both safety & independence.

We've all had the experience of trying to find a drinking glass or cup in an unfamiliar kitchen, which typically involves opening multiple cupboards using trial and error. Clear cupboard labels can help in this situation, such as our Sticky Labels for Drawers & Cupboards.

Traditional porcelain crockery can also be problematic for any individuals with cognitive loss; poor grip; impaired vision; or limited dexterity. Porcelain can be both dangerous & costly due to its fragility, and standard crockery usually doesn't provide a clear contrast between plate & food colour. 

Our Melamine Dignity Dining Range was created specifically to address these problems for people with cognitive loss, and is the product of 4 years of development & consultations.

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