Signage For Dementia & Alzheimer's

Our comprehensive range of Dementia Signage can be a very effective memory aid when used in buildings with people who have Alzheimer's, dementia, or cognitive loss.

We have many years experience selling signage for dementia care homes, along with hospital signs. Our hygenus hospital signage is especially popular with our NHS customers due to its advanced antibacterial properties.

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Signage Information

There is much research that suggests that signs around the home can help reduce confusion, and help with daily orientation. A combination of toilet and bedroom signs can be extremely useful during the night-time to help guide someone to their toilet, and then back to their bedroom.

Types of Signage - Explained

All signs have inherent anti-fungal & anti-bacterial qualities & may be cleaned safely with most non-abrasive chemical cleaners.

Budget Fixed
Standard Fixed
Sizes available:
300, 400, 480mm
300, 400, 480mm
Sign thickness:
Screws included:

Anti-bacterial properties:

Infection Control Compliant:

Class 1 Fire Rated:

Ideal usage:
House/Care Homes
House/Care Homes
Care Homes
Hospitals & NHS

Self-Adhesive Signs

  • Best-suited for use around the home or in a similar domiciliary setting
  • Cost-effective solution that's suitable for flat surfaces only
  • Quick & easy to apply with a strong adhesive to ensure a long lasting application

For care homes, local authorities, & NHS customers we would recommend our Standard or Hygenus signs instead of self-adhesive, due to their higher durability & longer life when used in busy environments.

Budget Fixed

  • 3mm thick and available only in 300mm
  • Cost-effective alternative to our Standard Fixed signs

Standard Fixed

  • 12mm thick with secure & hidden fixings
  • Robust, hard-wearing, & can be moved if required (unlike self-adhesive)

Hygenus Signs<

Designed for hospitals & other buildings where infection control is the highest priority:

  • 5mm thick & made of a solid & completely non-porous material
  • Resistant to most chemical cleaners & has anti-fungal & anti-bacterial growth properties
  • Face-fixed providing highest security

Tips for your Signage for Dementia

  • The optimal height for a sign is between 4-5 foot, regardless of the individuals height: people with memory loss are more likely to look slightly down, rather than up or straight forward
  • Try not to use too many signs in homes (excluding large care homes) as this can hinder rather than help, start with 2-3 signs & purchase more only if necessary
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