Safety Equipment & Products For Dementia

People with dementia will usually wish to stay in their own home for as long as possible, over time it may be necessary to adapt behaviour or routines in order to maintain safety in the home.

Products should never be the only solution to improving safety in the home for an individual with dementia, but they can be important; either as a safety net for when things go wrong, or simply to make independent living easier.

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Key Safes for the Elderly

Key Safes can be an invaluable tool for vulnerable individuals, they allow carers & loved ones many benefits:

  • Convenient for the elderly individual by reducing the frequency that they have to answer the door
  • Quick entry to house in an emergency, such as a fall or non-response
  • Improves security & increases accountability by reducing the number of keys in circulation
  • Can help reduce burglaries & door fraud; as the elderly individual knows that all of her carers & loved ones have access to the front door key

Our collection of Key Safes for the Elderly has been carefully selected as some of the market leading key safes.

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