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How to (temporarily) delete unwanted TV channels

With the recently forced upgrade to digital TV, the standard television in 2013 has a comparatively long list of programs by default.

Here we will discuss some general procedures for temporarily deleting unwanted TV channels that are not required on your digital television.

Please keep in mind this is an Introduction to the subject and therefore will be vague, please see Troubleshooting below for further explanation.

Why would you want to do this?

After the recently forced upgrade to digital television, the average TV now has up to 74 channels, this is a huge increase from the standard 5 channels that most people are used to.

We find that many of our elderly customers can be confused when they are browsing unfamiliar channels. By removing channels that are never watched you can greatly reduce the number of channels that are available, and therefore eliminate any confusion.

How does this work in reality?

Let's say, for example, that you have removed all television channels except channels 1-5:

  • If you are watching channel 5 & you press the channel up button, you will go straight to channel 1
  • If you try entering channel 15 (for example) on your remote control number pad, you would receive an error message

To all extent & purposes, you have turned your digital television into an "old-style" 5 channel terrestrial television.

What if I want to re-add channels?

Re-adding channels is as simple as removing them. You will be able to remove & re-add televisions from the same section of your menu.

Built-In Digital Television

With built-in digital television you will need to use the original remote control you received with the television and access the television's menu.

Using the arrows on the remote control, navigate the menu looking for Edit Program.

Please see "troubleshooting" below if you are having problems accessing this area of the menu.

From here you will be able to browse your channel list and delete or remove channels, don't worry this is not permanent.

Simply remove all of your unwanted programs and close the menu. 

Set-Top Box 

If you use a Set-Top Box to access your digital television you will need to use the original set-top box remote control to remove unwanted programs.

Simply enter the set-top box menu & look for any mention of editing channel list, sometimes this may be included in Parental Controls.

Remove, delete, or hide the programs that you do not require, don't worry this is not permanent.

Sky TV & Virgin

Unfortunately Sky & Virgin do not currently allow the removal of programs.

The closest option is to set-up a favourites list and add all the programs that you regularly watch to this list.

This is accessed via the favourites option in the main menu.


Unfortunately, due to there being plenty of television manufacturers, it's hard for us to give specific instructions to removing television channels.

The majority of televisions do have the option to remove channels, and these instructions can usually be accessed via:

  • The instruction manual of your television or set-top box
  • The technical support helpline of the manufacturer of your television or set-top box

If you are calling your manufacturer you will need your television model number: this can be found on your manual, receipt of product, or on the white information label usually located on the rear of the television.

Contacting Us

Whilst we usually welcome customers to contact us with questions or queries, we ask that you do not contact us for advice for your specific television or set-top box.

The technical helpline of your television brand will be much better equipped to answer any questions regarding your specific model, our staff do not have the expertise on each specific brand of television & set-top box to advise you accordingly.

Thank you for your understanding.

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