Busy Blankets for Dementia Patients

Busy Blankets for Dementia

AlzProducts are proud to be the sole UK retailer of BuzyBlankets - hand-crafted busy blankets for dementia patients.

Each BuzyBlanket is unique, once a blanket is sold it's replaced with a brand new design. Every BuzyBlanket has the following features:

  • An assortment of sensory attachments and fabrics
  • Doll/animal attached to centre of blanket, which is removable via velcro
  • Name tag to indicate ownership

Who may benefit from a dementia blanket / Alzheimer's blanket?

Sensory blankets (also called activity blankets or fidget blankets) can be very relaxing for anyone with restless hands, uses include;

  • Individuals with Alzheimer's or dementia
  • Rehab patients
  • Post-operative patients
  • Anyone with cognitive loss or memory impairment

Fiddle blankets for dementia patients may help alleviate stress and discomfort in Alzheimer's and dementia, studies have shown that while restless hands may seem like a harmless symptom they might lead to other more serious symptoms; such as wandering or dermatillomania (skin-picking).

Sensory blankets for dementia can also be beneficial in hospitals or care facilities, to help with restlessness and to prevent patients from touching tubes or IVs.

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